Morris House

An iconic heritage building, turned 4-level playground.

Formerly the offices for the Charity Organisation Society built in 1924, this iconic building has seen many things in its century-long history. The brand development began with returning to the building’s original name Morris House. Leveraging off the carefully designed interior, our brand approach was to create a relaxed, contemporary feel in the four-level space. A bold custom wordmark featuring elongated lettering leads the brand with a monospace serif in the typographic system by local Melbourne type Designer Vincent Chan. This combination enabled us to achieve a timeless pub feel with nostalgic connection. Dark moody palettes were adopted to complement the woody textures of the lower levels whilst pastels lightened the mood for the leafy rooftop. Executions include brass wayfinding, in-venue printed menus, coasters, uniforms and wine glass branding featuring the brandmark inspired by the original arched windows.

  • Branding
  • Print Design