Bold and timeless stone wares, derived from antiquity.

Form (LA) is a bespoke stone atelier located in Los Angeles. Previously an architect, Founder Jordan’s designs are sculptural, considered and functional exploring a vast array of stone. We sought to position the brand in its own niche by developing a typographic-led identity, a step away from the softer neutral trends circulating this space. The wordmark was crafted from heavy letterforms, speaking directly to the weighty stone, each letter having its own additional crafting, stems adjusted, extra widening, extra attention. Many of the stone pieces play a role in the overall identity as we drew on their shapes, silhouettes and profiles, exploring a range of executions from foiling and cutting to pressing. Moving minimal type leads our typographic system often displaying product specs, brand messaging and providing an edginess to the communication style. Our art direction and visuals are a fusion of old and new. Textured black and white imagery reminiscent of 70s modernist magazines, contrast with splashes of bold red – a nod to the Milano monolith interiors Jordan is drawn to. The brand is solidifying itself into its own niche – crafted wares with an idiosyncratic experience. A continued partnership.

  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Design
  • Signage