Falso Melbourne

Soft, eccentric and a refreshingly different take on real estate

Falso Melbourne is a bespoke real estate agency driven by the diversity Melbourne has to offer. Founder Joseph wanted something different, something unseen. As a boutique operator he’s able to offer a more personal, more exclusive service to his clients and wanted his brand to turn heads, in a way that felt intrinsically Melbourne. When approaching this exercise we took everything we knew about real estate and pushed it to one side. Working with their existing tag line: “The New, The Now, Your Next” we saw an opportunity to swing this idea open and explore visually what it means to begin a new chapter, enjoy life at home, or move on to the next. Resulting in a visual campaign of objects, food, and moments that ooze Melburnian style.

In one of our many conversations the words “quiet success” came up. We used this to inform a typographic system utilisng the less-is-more construction of a monospace font in combination with a san serif of equal structure, allowing the brand to achieve a quietly premium positioning. Combined with a deep palette and a hint of silver we steered away from traditional corporate colour schemes in an effort to relate more fully to Joe’s clientele. Open House cones add eccentricity to the experience, create conversation and speak with a unique brand voice along with silver sold stickers. The stationery uses an array of tactile material,  providing rich details his clients can experience in early interactions. Digitally, we saw an opportunity to change how properties may be presented on social media, exploring typographic animation that is soft and minimal to further enhance our brand system whilst platforming the property.

  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Design
  • Experiential Design
  • Signage