A wellness brand elevating daily rituals

Karavie is a Florida-based wellness brand whose ethos is to embrace small acts of self-care to empower a greater whole. Their CBD products have been ethically sourced, organically grown and the quality of ingredients is a crucial factor for founders Karen and Alex. Reimagining their brand holistically and physically we began by renaming their product suite to better position them into a more premium market. Utilising shorter, more impactful wording that connects directly to the products’ intentions. Our design approach was to stay removed from the psychedelic colour schemes of synthetic CBD brands. Instead, opting for a timeless base and dynamic typographic approach, with a unique monospace by NY type designer Berton Hasabe. Our art direction and brand photography reflects the fluid nature of Karavie’s products, showcasing natural human movement and the notion of the small but mighty ritual in daily practice. The combination of brand elements throughout this project allowed Karavie to sit above other brands in their own premium space, reflecting a high quality product offering in a saturated US market.

  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Naming
  • Art Direction
  • Packaging + Print Design
  • Digital Design