An Anthropology of Modern Craft

Afield is a unique digital platform celebrating hand craft and expressions of materiality. More than a website, Afield presents a digital marketplace that connects people directly with global artisans to learn, source and experience artisanal process and rawness of form. A project we have been deeply involved in with Interior Architect and Founder Andrea, of Studio Moore for more than 3 years, the platform is immersive in nature, highly visual and digitally advanced. As we developed the branding and experience for Afield, we wanted to explore “rawness of form” with the use of a Monospace typeface combined with a timeless serif. Concrete textures, muted greys, the layering of transparency within imagery, movement and softness were key ingredients in formulating the brand identity to bring about an edginess that still felt restrained.

  • Photography:
  • Nicky Cawood
  • Branding
  • Digital Design
  • Print Design